Focus Today for Cattle Profitability Tomorrow

By Phil Johnson, Beef Specialist, (605) 730-2020

If you want to see a WIN for your cattle operation in the future, it’s critical to focus on what’s important now.

The Pharmco team has a list of factors affecting cattle profitability. By taking the time to visit with our team, we can uncover what factors affect your operation most, how to control those factors and how to use those factors as propellant toward profitability.

Keep mama healthy

For many producers in our area, cow and calf health is vital right now. In his article in this issue of the Pharmco newsletter, Tony touches on specific aspects of herd health like scours and grass tetany, and he offers ways Pharmco can help.

You’ll also want to seriously consider evaluating your cow health right now. Ensure your cows have the ideal body condition score (BCS) with proper feed rations and supplement programs fit for your area. Pharmco can help you with all of these products.

First off, our expert staff can help you figure out the correct rations to feed your cowherd. Secondly, Pharmco has many supplement options—both free choice and force fed—including dry, liquid, mineral, cake and tubs. We also have Rumensin® available, which helps with scours and better utilization of feed—up to 10% saved.

It’s critical to have a proper mineral program best suited for your area, so Pharmco carries several minerals specifically designed for our trade area.

I also recommend adding Chlortetracycline (CTC) or Aureomycin® to your feed rations. Prior to calving, CTC and Aureomycin protect your cows from bacteria. When fed after calving, they aid in fighting off infections.

Given pasture availability and quality, I’ve also fielded more questions lately about dry lot cow feeding. This option doesn’t work for every producer, but I have seen it work very well in our trade area. We can help you fine tune a feeding and management program that successfully incorporates dry lot feeding into your operation!

Pack on the pounds

If you have feedlot cattle, it’s time to plan your implant programs. Implants continue to show improved performance, and they are a safe, cost-effective form of gain. We can tailor an implant program specifically to your needs, so stop in today to get set up!

Now is also the time to be mindful of supplements needed by your feedlot cattle. We can add extra zinc, iodine, trace minerals, thiamine or Celmanex to your supplement in an effort to work against foot problems and other health issues.

Also, make sure your yards are in good shape during the spring thaw. A muddy lot can be a big factor in cattle performance, causing a loss of $80-$100 per head.

Farm for life
As if you don’t already have enough to consider this busy time of year, make sure you don’t overlook a solid farming plan. There is more talk from cattle feeders all the time about efficiently utilizing available acres to plant feedstuffs that fit their situation. In fact, one of the most common questions I get this time of year is, “What should I plant to fit my cattle operation?”

I can run a variety of rations for you to review and compare. Then, you can make an informed decision taking all costs, risks and factors into consideration.

I hope your busy spring season goes as smoothly as possible. Remember, Pharmco is here to assist with any questions or needs you have. Thank you for your business!


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