Healthy Calves Make for Healthier Profits

As a livestock producer, you know that prevention is key to keeping sickness and disease away. You also know the importance of being prepared with the right supplies should illness strike your herd. At Pharmco, we understand your needs because many of us are also livestock producers. We are equipped to help you keep your livestock, especially those new calves, healthy and profitable.

Not all of us have the most ideal calving locations, so we do what we can to keep our cows and calves comfortable. That means we’re changing any bedding regularly. We’re keeping newborn calves separate from older calves whenever possible, and we’re vigilant when it comes to herd health.

Our area sees common ailments like coccidiosis, scours, pneumonia and overeating every year. Pharmco teams in Winner, Platte, Kimball and Chamberlain are well-versed in preventative and treatment plans for each of these problems and more.


You can’t get rid of coccidiosis until you kill it, and one of the most effective ways to eradicate the disease is to incorporate a product like Rumensin into your cows’ feeding system. All of our stores offer options to help you get Rumensin into your cows as a preventative for coccidiosis.

Our new Cow Power supplement is a mineral pellet that feeds through a wagon. It has all the minerals your bred cows need, and with the addition of Rumensin, the supplement offers outstanding prevention for your calves.

Though you don’t want your cows getting into it, there has been success when using Bovatec as a preventative with your calves. It comes in the same forms as Rumensin but is designed prevent coccidiosis in calves.


There are many causes for scours, and dehydration is a huge problem for infected herds. All Pharmco locations carry hand-selected products that work in our area, so contact your local team to find the best solutions for you. From electrolytes to boluses, we stock what you need to keep your herd healthy.

One of the most effective scour preventions in Pharmco territory is Calf-Guard®, a Zoetis product. Given to the calf at birth, this rota-corona vaccine has worked well to prevent scours in our problem areas.

The charcoal-based Achieve™ paste from Agri-Labs has also been effective as a preventative and treatment. The paste can be given any time after the calf’s first 24 hours and is designed to help boost a calf’s immune system.

Revitalize™ Capsules from Ralco is another great product we carry for scours prevention and treatment.


Generally, pneumonia strikes calves once maternal antibodies start wearing off around the one-month mark. In a perfect world, we’d all start branding and vaccinating calves in smaller groups as they hit this mark, but that isn’t always realistic given time and labor available.

Coupling Inforce™ 3 from Zoetis and a three-way vaccine at birth has been really helpful for curbing off pneumonia for a lot of ranches in our area. There are many options to prevent and treat pneumonia, so be sure to give your local Pharmco team a call.

Especially after an unstable weather pattern—hot or cold—you might notice those one- and two-month-old calves bloat up and start kicking their bellies. Generally, those calves didn’t eat much during the “bad” weather. When the weather levels out, they find mama and eat too much.

Unfortunately, that overindulging can lead to death if not caught quickly. Experience tells most producers to keep the C & D antitoxin on hand. Supplies may be limited, so get it found and bought.

There’s nothing more predictable in spring than unpredictable weather! Each of our Pharmco locations carries a large selection of preventatives, treatments and feed for your livestock needs. We’re also backed by Dr. Dave Thompson’s years of experience. Stop in or give us a call for help keeping your herd healthy and profitable!


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