Pharmco 5 Step Cattle Program

Pharmco Cattle Program

Pharmco provides services to the feedlot and cow-calf producer in 5 main areas:


  • Programs and Products: information and comparison.
  • Ration options: feeds, neg, byproduct level, supplement options
  • Ionophore comparison and use.
  • Starter programs.
  • Feedlot rations, projections, and batch sheets.
    • Feeding Program guidelines; options
  • By-Products and alternative feeds.
  • Feed Samples, Bunk samples, mixing tests, and water samples.
  • Feedstuff Management.
  • Regular Analysis of Cattle and Operation.
  • Feedlot Walk Through


  • Feedlot:
    • Total Feedlot Management; Individual Pen Management
      • Type of cattle, market date, program
    • What affects your profitability?
    • Success Strategies; Opportunities and Marketing Ideas
    • Pen Design; Water space and tanks; fence, bunks
    • Consultant Service
    • Implant Information and Strategy
    • Regular Feedlot Reports


  • Factors that affect Profitability:
    • % of cos weaning a calf, weaning weight, price / lb. for calves, unit cost of production
    • Rations and programs


  • Cow-calf, feedlots, seed stock, sale barns, cattle buyers
  • Pharmco Cattle Network
    • Cattle, Custom Lots, Investors, etc.
  • Custom Feedlots
    • Finishing and Growing
  • Cattle Management in custom lots.
    • Records and billing
    • Visual inspection. Written reports, person contact
    • Monthly reports

Records and Data Management:

  • Feedlot Records
    • DM intake and graph; Estimated Wt., ADG, F/G, COG, BE
    • Pen Closeputs
    • Billing for Custom Lots
  • Data Comparison
    • Local, Benchmark, Upper Midwest, Top 1/3
  • Analysis
    • Monitor management changes
    • Compare and monitor feeding and marketing scenarios
    • Track Cattle Source
    • Areas to Improve performance and profits
    • Regular and Yearly Analysis


  • Management: Nutrition, Vets, Industry Experts.
  • Financing: bankers and financing programs.
  • Feed: By-products, feedstuffs, corn
  • Trucking, distillers, corn, cattle
  • Environmental Issues: engineers, DENR
  • E-Mail Newsletter: cattle information
  • Industry Issues: ASV, COOL, Branded Beef

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