Pharmco Products to Boost Your Investment

Over 20 years ago, my goal with starting Pharmco was to provide area livestock producers a local supplier of animal health products. Through the years, we’ve expanded inventory to include feed products for both cattle feeders and cow/calf producers.

Today, you can find all of the top-quality feed products listed below and more at our four Pharmco locations. We carry products to help meet your operation needs while growing your investment.


  • Rumensin® and Bovatec® are main products used
    • Rumensin has clearance for cows, helps with feed conversion and scours
  • Cattlyst® and Gainpro® also available
    • All used for added gain and feed conversion

Feedlot Additives

  • Tylan®: prevention of liver abscesses
  • MGA: control estrus in feedlot heifers for added performance
    • Bovatec® and MGA approved combination

Feed Medications

  • Disease control and prevention
    • Aureomycin/CTC
    • OTC
    • AUREO S 700®
    • Bovatec and Aureomycin is approved combination
  • Coccidiosis
    • Amprolium and Deccox
    • Rumensin and Deccox are an approved combination

Feed Additives

  • Thiamine
  • Vitamins
  • Added zinc, iodine, trace minerals
    • Zinc has many sources: zinc sulfate, Avail Zinc, Zinpro
  • Fly Control: ClariFly® or Altosid® IGR
  • Shipping and Receiving/Heat Stress and electrolyte products: ADM Thermal Care™

Direct Fed Microbials (DFMs): All used for better gut health

  • Yeast
  • Bio-Mos®
  • Micro-Aid®
  • Celmanaz™ part yeast, part MOS


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